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In my most self-congratulatory moments, I like to believe that I could write a story about anything. Give me a topic, a word count, a readership, a cup of coffee, and I’m off: research, reportage and reviews, service pieces and summaries. And should you require an opinion (especially of the contrary variety) on any subject, trust me, I’ve got one.

I suppose that loving the act of writing is half of it. The other half is being a woman of my word. You need a three-page article on hedgehog grooming by Thursday? I’m not going to call you on Wednesday night with a bunch of excuses and my fingers covered in bandages.

In the last ten years, I’ve written short fiction and long fiction, non-fiction, magazine articles, and stories for newsletters and newspapers. I’ve interviewed, attended, and taken notes. I’ve typed for so long I had to soak my hands in a basin of warm water like Glenn Gould just to keep going. And why? Because I promised you clean copy, on time, at the word count, that you’ll hardly need to edit. It’s my adrenaline rush.

Not only is Jenn the author of two books but she has also written for an array of newspapers and periodicals, including entertainment, in-flight, health and lifestyle, and parenting publications. Recently Jenn's fiction has appeared in Forget, West Coast Line and SubTerrain magazine.

She also writes online and promotional content for travel and tourism websites, along with editorials, reviews, and opinion pieces for print and radio. Other writing includes grant writing for arts organizations and individuals, and summary/executive report writing for board meetings and conferences.

"Jenn Farrell is the kind of writer editors dream about editing. She produces clean copy on deadline that is well researched and grammatically correct. But more importantly, her writing is in-depth and thoughtful. She informs, entertains, or simply cracks up her readers with her irreverent sense of humour. Jenn is one of a kind!"

— Ellen Niemer, Editor and Creative Liaison, Teldon Media

If you are interested in Jenn's writing services contact her here.