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When I first learned about editing, I was convinced I didn’t have the head—or the heart—for it. Sure, I could copyedit and proofread, but my mind was forever wandering to larger issues. Why did the writer choose to structure the piece in this particular order? Was there a sharper, less expected way to communicate this particular scene? How might the reader become more engaged with this material?

Thank goodness there’s a name for that sort of thing. Structural and substantive editing is what we call it, and it’s what I love. Being a writer myself, I know how important the editing process is, and how fraught it can be when writers and editors don’t see eye to eye. But when there’s a congenial relationship based on making the work the best it can be, everyone benefits. That kind of Golden Rule approach is the one I’ve found works best.

Jenn Farrell enjoys working one on one with authors who are either readying a manuscript for consideration or for publication and desire substantive editing services. In person or online Jenn will discuss and explore ways to make the manuscript work.

These discussions will include what's working, what could be working better and what opportunities are being missed and how to take advantage of them. Jenn prides herself on her facilitative, reader-based approach to editing. She can take a good book and make it better.

"Jenn is an excellent editor and creative coach. Her encouragement, care and inspiring nature helps authors find more in their work, and even helps them enjoy the process of bringing their manuscripts to that final, often painful, polished step. Her wide perspective on the entire creative process, from idea to publication, makes her a great asset."

— Melissa Edwards, Managing Editor, 3-Day Books

"When Jenn edits your work you’re often left smacking yourself in the head saying, 'Of course, why didn’t I think of that?' But you didn’t, nor did the ten other people who read your work. That’s why you need Jenn."

— Huelah Lander, Writer

"Jenn edits with sharp eyes and a light—yet exacting—touch. A true professional."

— Jim Oaten, Author of Accelerated Paces: Travels Across Borders and Other Imaginary Boundaries

If you are interested in Jenn's editing services contact her here.